My First Art Show ;-)

Wow! Just realized it’s been quite a while since my last post! I have been painting a lot over the past year and I am very proud and grateful to announce that I just had my very first solo art show! The show is up for the entire month of March 2016 at Iti Wine Bar in Hanalei, HI. I had a great turn out for the opening on March 12th and even made a few sales!

This show was a collection of imaginative and introspective self portraits in acrylic on canvas and wood panel.

My paintings attempt to capture my deeply personal experiences with life and all its joys, sorrows and powerful lessons. It is my intention, with my art, to get in touch with my emotions, to value my heart’s silent wisdom and to be more present in every  moment. I hope my paintings may inspire others to do the same. Do not fear heart break, for it will draw you closer to the Heart of Love.

Below are all the paintings in the show. Prints and some originals still available. Please email me at: for price list.