Indigo Bags!

I recently had the pleasure of exploring real indigo dye techniques for the first time! It was a lot of fun. In my quest to reduce my plastic usage, I created these lovely indigo designs on organic cotton bags using shibori techniques of folding and binding to create unique designs…

Since the dye is natural, these bags are food safe! I have been using them to shop and store my produce at home. Dampening the bag keeps my produce fresh in the fridge. Holiday season is coming up and I plan to make more of these to use in place of gift wrap! Yay!



Makana Mountain is an iconic viewpoint on Kauai’s Northshore. It was made famous as Bali Hai in the musical South Pacific. This is a little acrylic study I did while sitting at Tunnels Beach recently. Landscapes are pretty new to me but I had fun and really, when creating art, fun is the most important thing! 

Heart Healing

New original  18″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas.

This piece is about transcending heartbreak to a place of true connection and love for one’s self. What I have personally experienced is that every time my heart breaks it is an opportunity to be more alive and more present. I find that I can see a little deeper to the sacredness in all things and I find a deeper compassion as well. Heartbreak is the beginning of understanding the immortal nature of Love itself. True love is never lost.


Heart Healing: Acrylic on canvas 18×24