Makana Mountain is an iconic viewpoint on Kauai’s Northshore. It was made famous as Bali Hai in the musical South Pacific. This is a little acrylic study I did while sitting at Tunnels Beach recently. Landscapes are pretty new to me but I had fun and really, when creating art, fun is the most important thing! 


Heart Healing

New original  18″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas.

This piece is about transcending heartbreak to a place of true connection and love for one’s self. What I have personally experienced is that every time my heart breaks it is an opportunity to be more alive and more present. I find that I can see a little deeper to the sacredness in all things and I find a deeper compassion as well. Heartbreak is the beginning of understanding the immortal nature of Love itself. True love is never lost.


Heart Healing: Acrylic on canvas 18×24