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I was born and grew up in Northern California and Southwest Colorado. After high school I traveled through Europe, Australia and South America before enrolling at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration.

I moved to Kaua‘i’s beautiful North Shore in 2007. This is where I still reside today, creating art, running wild in nature, educating myself and having fun in the sun and sea.

I draw inspiration from nature, form, humanity and my own personal experiences in life with all its joys, sorrows, love and heartache. The small details of people and things inspire me to emulate and understand through different creative modalities. It is within these small details, often overlooked, that magic thrives. The intricacies, colors, lines and forms are so intriguing and yet impossible to fully describe and so I do my best, hoping to show glimpses.

Thank you so much for checking me out! Wishing you all much love and inspired living!

For all inquiries please email me at: If interested in signed prints on paper or canvas please put “prints” in subject line. It takes about one week to process prints and send them out! If you are interested in other products please visit

For more art & updates, please check me out on Facebook and Instagram: @shastingrace


2 thoughts on “Bio & Contact

    1. Aloha Jennifer and sorry this took me years to reply!! I am going to do better with my blog this year!! Personally signed prints are done locally and usually take about one week to ship out. Please email me at: with “prints” in subject line to order! Best to you!

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