2012 Resolution: Draw Everyday

Hanalei Bay: Ink

So I have decided to take on a rather ambitious New Year’s Resolution for 2012 and that is to draw everyday, no matter what. No matter how small or stupid or big and great, I must draw at least one thing everyday for the next 365 days until 2012 reaches 2013, or the Apocalypse, which ever comes first.

I’m hoping that rather than the Apocalypse as we have have been conditioned to envision it, that this year will bring huge shifts in the way the world civilizations operate. I hope that we will see a time where the scales become more balanced, so-to-speak, where each life form is valued as an important part of the whole and where the spiritual aspect of life (which I believe to be the source) is given greater value than the material.

I suppose we will have to wait, dream and see how the future turns out for all of us. In the mean time I will draw and spend my time outside thankfully taking in the beauty of each day as it comes. Here are my first two sketches both of Hanalei Bay, Kaua‘i. One was done yesterday, the second today.

I will try to keep posting my drawings as I go…


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