Sacred Feminine Creative Force

This is a new piece I completed recently using the concepts of sacred geometry. Here is a little summary of the concepts if you are interested:

With this particular illustration it was my goal to depict a feminine figure as a symbol of creative power. The figure is drawn under a Sacred Arch, which aligns to her chakra centers, focusing on her heart, which I highlighted with a circular construction of The Seed of Life. This brings to light the connection between the heart and creativity as a spiritual act.

The geometric construction on the paper in the figure’s hand is that of the Earth, the Moon and the Great Pyramid. This squaring the circle construction signifies the connection between the divine and the material world in creative partnership. The passion flower vine in the lower left corner represents passion for creativity. The passion flower is also said to be a symbol of Christ and so in this way it also signifies the connection between the divine and the physical world.

There are two Seeds of Life constructions above the arch on the top and out of these springs new growth in the form of green vines. The sun is going down suggesting the end of one thing and the beginning of another. The mountains are masculine, the ocean is feminine—the land and the sea exist in balance with each other. Our figure represents the creation of a world that is more balanced with nature, giving equal respect to male and female creative forces.

I used two grids to create the composition for this piece. First I used a golden section rectangle. The “third eye” of the figure in right at the occult center of the rectangle and the sun is at the center of its golden spiral. The waves of the ocean align to the outer edges of the spiral. The second grid I used was the one for the Sacred Arch. It is slightly elevated to where the figure’s feet begin and the rest of the figure is constructed in alignment with it. The heart chakra as the focus. The figure was carefully drawn to be in alignment with the ideal proportions laid out in the Sacred Arch construction. The figure’s clothing and the leafs in her hair are in respect to Classical Greek art and what it has taught us about the Golden Ratio.


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